News - January 15, 2004

For those with time to spare

Junushoff, Wednesday 21 January, 20.30
The Führer's bunker, April 1945... the air is thick with betrayal as Hitler awaits the inevitable collapse of Berlin. For over an hour English actor and comedian, Pip Utton, is Adolf Hitler. The transformation is complete, from the opening moment you are in Hitler's presence. This performance is unmissable; it is the definitive performance about the two most powerful icons of the 20th century, the Swastika and Adolf Hitler. It is quite frightening to experience just how passionate and convincing Adolf Hitler was, and don’t you believe for a second that it could never happen again… this play has a frightening sting in the tail.

Unitas, Thursday 22 January, 22.30
The biggest intercultural dance event in Wageningen, Pole Pole Vibes II, will feature the famous highlife band from Ghana Yama Yama. In addition three dance areas, with world music, different dance styles and jazz. Vegetarian restaurant Zeezicht will provide exotic snacks. Entrance 4 euros (plus 1.80 membership). Presale Unitas and Videoworld.

Breakfast with Aalt
Before the Christmas break, Chairman of the Board, Aalt Dijkhuizen invited staff and students to join him for breakfast. Dijkhuizen launched the initiative so that he can find out in an informal way what is going on on the work floor. The first three sessions were fully booked, but it’s still possible to make an appointment.
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