Nieuws - 7 juli 2010

For the Future: 8-

I am: at the Restaurant of the Future. A top-of-the-bill research facility where staff and students can lunch and dine while being manipulated and observed from all angles. Can you relax and enjoy your meal under these circumstances?

I eat: between my companion and myself, everything that is on offer this evening: beef soup, cream of forest mushroom soup, rice with chicken curry, broccoli with new potatoes, a sausage, a side salad and a delicious special beer. And chocolate custard for dessert.
I taste: varying quality. Delicious soup, a generous chicken curry, and a crisp fresh salad. But on my companion's plate was standard fare of meat, potatoes, veg and watery gravy in the category of 'I could make that myself, and better too.' The food is salt-free too (that is soon solved though), but there are certainly plenty of fresh vegetables.
I feel: overwhelmed by a feeling that I am being taken for a ride. Although there is not much evidence of the restaurant's research function, I am suspicious of everything. But that's fun: anyone with a bit of Sherlock Holmes in them is in their element. And I get on with enjoying my meal, since I have made the right choice from the menu.
I think: that eating at the Restaurant of the Future is a bit of an adventure. You are abandoned to the mercies of the research team. But they can cook. My companion was less impressed, but he still wants me to give it a rave review, as such a high-tech place deserves a flood of patrons to help with research that is, after all, in the interests of our own future.
So: grade 8-.