Nieuws - 1 september 2011

For and against


'It's nice to move in with other students, but for your studies it is better to stay at home'

I think many students would definitely get better grades if they stayed at home - as long as the travelling time isn't ludicrously long of course. If you stay at home you will probably manage to keep up a routine better and spend less time on student societies, going out and things like that. In that sense, I agree with the proposition, but that doesn't mean that I am in favour of staying at home. It is also important to learn to look after yourself, to make friends and to be active in other things besides your studies - I wouldn't have liked to miss out on those things myself. I think it's good to decide for yourself whether you only want to study or whether you want to join in student life as well. A decision that everyone has to make for themselves, in my view, although I do also think that in general it is good to learn to stand on your own two feet.
It's not only nice to leave home and have a room of your own; it is essential to student life. Your studies are important, but there is more to student life than reading books and diligently attending lectures. Student life is about becoming independent, standing on your own two feet. You don't manage that if you have to rush off after lectures to catch the train back to Mum and Dad and sit up for supper. No, get a room of your own and make new friends. Go out with them, drink too much, learn from that and make sure that you come out in 7 years' time - Uncle Halbe [State Secretary for Education - ed] has agreed to one year extra for both your Bachelor's and your Master's - a sociable, mature graduate ready to take your place in society. Then the 'best years of your life' really will have been the best!