Nieuws - 29 september 2011

Food4you looks for happiness in food

The Food4You knowledge festival will take place from 1 to 15 October. Its theme: good food, better mood.

Obesity is not only the consumer's fault.
 This year's day for the general public will be on 8 October, with talks and exhibitions being held throughout Wageningen. There will also be a huge Ferris wheel seating as many different nationalities as possible for a new world record.
The festival theme will be explored in greater depth during the opening symposium on 5 October. For example, Laura Bouwman, a university lecturer in Health and Society, will be turning the catchphrase around: Good mood is better food. She thinks our view of health is too one-sided. We focus on preventing diseases but don't investigate what makes us healthy. A typically undervalued factor is the feeling of being in control of your life. Bouwman says that feeling precedes healthy choices, not the other way around.

A healthy environment
Frans Kok, professor of Nutrition and Health, will be talking about the new research into what food does to our brains. For instance, he wants to have people eating while in an MRI scanner to investigate the saturation response. He also argues that governments can no longer put all responsibility for chronic illnesses like obesity on consumers. The government should help create a healthy environment and get the food industry to cut levels of sugar, salt and calories.
Other items on the programme include the medical cooking competition. The challenge here is to come up with a tailor-made meal for each patient. There will also be a meeting in the Restaurant of the Future about the effects food has on the brain. See for more information.