Nieuws - 1 juni 2010

Food Valley attracts dairy giant

FrieslandCampina is concentrating its research in Wageningen. This may involve extending the Kortenoord site.

The dairy company FrieslandCampina is set to concentrate most of its research activities in Wageningen. At present, the Research and Development department staff - good for around 250 jobs - are spread across Deventer, Tilburg and Wageningen.
It is not yet known exactly where FrieslandCampina will be located. It could be that the dairy giant will extend the existing Wageningen site in Kortenoord, where around one hundred people already work. A final decision on this will be taken before the summer.
Wageningen councillor Lex Hoefsloot, responsible for Economic Affairs, says FrieslandCampina chose Food Valley because of the opportunities for collaborating with other companies. The accelerated reduction in building levies in Wageningen may also have played a part, according to the councillor.
FrieslandCampina took the decision to concentrate its R&D activities back in March. ‘Wageningen has been chosen as the new location following careful deliberation', says the company, ‘in which both commercial considerations and the consequences for our employees played an important role. Wageningen plays a central part in Food Valley'. The FrieslandCampina Central Works Council will shortly be asked to advise on the proposed decision.