Nieuws - 9 december 2004

Flu jab advised

Very few students and employees went for an influenza vaccination last week, despite the fact that they can get it cheaply. Marchel Ratering, a nurse assistant at the Student Doctor and Vaccination office in Wageningen was surprised at the low demand. ‘If you get a bad bout of flu you’ll be in bed for at least ten days. A vaccination means you are hardly affected. What’s more I’m expecting a wave of flu this year.’ In the Netherlands people with heart problems and the elderly are automatically offered a flu jab. Other people are also entitled to it, but have to request it themselves. Ratering warned that working hard or sleeping badly can both lower your resistance. ‘The vaccination can also be a good idea for foreign students who have not been exposed to flu viruses.’ Those who would like the vaccination can request it from Ratering.
You can call the nurse assistant to make an appointment on 0317 484022, preferably between 13.30 and 16.30. / YdH