Nieuws - 17 november 2011

Flowers in the window


What do you find interesting when you pass Dutch houses?

The walls of rectangular red bricks? Well, that`s rather boring, I must say. The log fire? Yeah, you cannot always rely on the heater and... a log fire is also a good way to show how sustainable you are. But what I find really interesting about Dutch houses is what I call ‘Window flowers': several pots of flowers and plants placed on the windowsills at the front of of the house.
I have not visited all the houses in the Netherlands yet (it is impossible after all and I trust that you trust me). But I am almost 100% sure that all Dutch houses have pots of various flowers or green plants near the window. Kalanchoe, dracaena, ficus, roses, cyclamen, chrysanthemums, ... you name it! Everytime I pass by Dutch houses, I cannot help looking at the window, enjoying the beautiful flowers and refreshing green plants - especially at this time of year, when the leaves turn yellow and the Keukenhof is closed.
Why do the Dutch like to put so many flowers and plants in their windows? I have asked the question but have not yet been answered satisfactorily. ‘I don`t have a garden but I love plants.' ‘It is nice!' ‘Because my window looks empty.' ‘Why not?'. Those are the answers I received when I asked. But if these window flowers are nothing special, then why do I have a wide empty shelf beneath my window? Anyway, I`d love to see flowers in every window every day. Now, would you excuse me? I want to put some daisies in my window.
Herda Bolly, Indonesian MSc graduate in Food Technology.