Nieuws - 7 april 2011

Florida: extremists threaten biology students

In the American state of Florida, extremist animal rights activists have declared war on biology students carrying out experiments with laboratory animals. The extremists see them as an easier target than professors and think they will be frightened off more quickly.

Animal rights activists often make threats and sometimes even carry out bomb attacks, but these are usually aimed at the major players: companies and researchers involved in laboratory animal experiments. A group of American activists calling themselves Negotiation Is Over now want to take things a step further.
Budding scientists think they will be able to cure cancer, write the activists. 'We need to present them with a different picture: car bombs, permanent security cameras, embarrassing demonstrations in front of their homes, threats, injuries and fear. And of course these students must realise that any personal risk they are prepared to accept will also affect their parents, children and partners.'
The activists call students 'soft-bellied targets'. They aim to damage them through dedicated smear campaigns until the students renounce animal experiments. 'Abusers have lost all right to peace and privacy, and if a future abuser makes the wrong choice now, NIO will publish all their personal details.'
Critics of animal rights activism speak of 'a new low point, even for NIO'. They say the actions will only increase hostility to the animal rights movement.