Nieuws - 22 september 2009

Flash mob for climate

Eighty students formed themselves into the words "Wake up" in the grass in front of the Forum yesterday afternoon. The Wageningen flash mob belonged to a worldwide call to politicians.

Wake up flash mob at Wageningen Campus
Wageningen is one of the more than thousand cities where a brief protest was carried out in the name of climate. The activity was meant for the world's leaders who meet in New York today and at the climate submit in Copenhagen in December Participants plead for solid actions to stop climate change.
'Our lecturer alerted us to this action during this morning's lecture', says Willem Timmers on the grass at the Forum. He has started with the Masters course Leisure, Tourism and Environment this month. 'I'm just one person, but together with others, we formed the words, and that led to awareness. Of course, the climate change is already on the programme, but I think that it is good to see that common citizens are also involved, not just politicians.
In a flash mob, people come together for a brief period to do something unusual. Mostly for fun, such as honouring a fake dinosaur in a toy shop. The Wageningen flash mob was planned to take place at a quarter to one, but forming the letters took till ten past one. More like a sluggish mob really.