Science - June 6, 2019

Five Vidi grants for Wageningen

Albert Sikkema

Five WUR researchers have received a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO. They will get 800,000 euros to spend on setting up their own innovative research line.

Chiel van Heerwaarden aims to better forecast sunshine, ┬ęShutterstock

Virologist Vera Ros is going to use her Vidi grant to do research on viruses that are latently present in insects without causing diseases. Emilie Wientjes of the Laboratory of Biophysics is doing research on photosynthesis and wants to spend her grant on using molecular technology and advanced microscopy to find out how plants adapt to the amount and the colour of light during the day.

David Ludwig of the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group is doing research on multicultural collaboration in tackling climate change. Environmental technologist Annemiek ter Heijne wants to know how electrons get through biofilms, so as to be better able to guide the biotransformations during purification of waste water. And meteorologist Chiel van Heerwaarden does research on clouds, with the aim of being better able to predict the fluctuations in sunlight in the context of solar energy generation.

In total, NWO handed out 85 Vidi grants in May to researchers at Dutch universities. The Vidi is intended for experienced researchers who have done successful research for several years since getting their PhDs.