Nieuws - 27 mei 2020

‘First-years will have priority on campus next academic year’

Albert Sikkema

During the next academic year, WUR wants to offer education on campus on a small scale, with students working in small groups and with plenty of interaction with teachers. First-years and international students will get priority.

©Selfie Arthur Mol

Alongside online lectures, students will spend 25 to 30 per cent of their time on group work, practicals and small-scale intensive classes on campus, say rector magnificus Arthur Mol and education director Arnold Bregt. They have developed scenarios for how to open up the campus again.

‘We also definitely want finalists who need to do experiments to be able to come to the campus,’ says Mol. ‘For that we need to adapt the campus facilities for group work and practicals so that students can sit one and a half metres apart.’ Route signage will be put up in all buildings and the labs will take one third of their normal capacity, says Mol. ‘The library and canteens will probably open in the new academic year, but with limits on the number of places.’ First-years and international student will have priority, because they don’t know the Wageningen education method yet and need to get that under their belts.

The Executive Board wants to admit staff to campus gradually too. Priority in this case will go to PhD candidates, staff who need a lab and staff with social reasons for needing to work on campus. ‘We want to work towards a coronavirus exit strategy in which we give staff access to the campus on a phased and rotating basis.’

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