Nieuws - 10 september 2009

First years under the hammer

The traditional student auction during the introduction days in Leeuwarden was a great success.

Student club Osiris 'auctioned off' all 250 first year students, who then spent an afternoon doing odd jobs in the city centre. The students, in groups of 15, were auctioned off to Osiris members and passers-by as sunflowers were handed out. The highest yield for a group was a keg and two meters of beer. Members paid with cash, part of which will flow back to the club in the form of beer throughout the year. The rest of the money, more than 1500 euro, will go to charitable organization De Zonnebloem (The Sunflower).
The first years also collected money during the orientation tour earlier in the day for the Stichting Tegen Zinloos Geweld (a national foundation against senseless violence). One of the things they did was to light tea light candles at the Meindert Tjoelker memorial.
Of particular interest was the use of the old Leeuwarden city council hammer when Deputy Mayor Gerrit Krol opened the auction. Osiris's own had been confiscated by its own members.
® Marthijn Broeils, Chairman of Osiris.