News - June 9, 2011

First years increase by more than 4 percent

Growth is less than in other universities; VHL gets 4.9 percent more first year students.

It looks like there will be more first year students in the university in Wageningen again, according to pre-registration figures from DUO.  However, the spectacular growth of the last few years appears to be levelling out somewhat. At the beginning of June, 646 students have registered, 4 percent more than in the same period last year. In comparison, the rise in student population in the past three years was an average of 11 percent each year.

Van Hall Larenstein finds itself in the same boat as the university. It now has 803 registrations, 4.8 percent more than in the previous year. For VHL, the biggest attraction is still Animal Management in Leeuwarden, with 227 registrations. In Velp, all programmes except for Land and Water Management have declined in popularity. The biggest programme in Wageningen is Animal and Livestock Farming.
For the university, the most popular programmes are Biology (88), Food and Health (61) and Animal Sciences (55). In addition, pre-registrations have doubled for the small programme of International Land and Water Management, for which 26 students have registered so far. Applied communication science has the biggest drop; with only seven applications, it is now the smallest.
On the national level, the steep growth curve experienced by universities in the last few years continues its upward climb. This impressive growth shows itself especially in Twente (47 percent) and Delft (31 percent). Among the thirteen universities, Wageningen occupies the tenth place. Whether this would carry through eventually is hard to say. Although June is traditionally the month when pre-registrations are published, a lot can still change. For example, Wageningen University had a 4 percent decrease at about this time last year, but it eventually opened its doors to 12 percent more students.