Student - August 18, 2011

First students at barracks site

International students are being put up in Ede. Substantial additions are being made to the number of rooms for students.

Jessica Huza from Canada was one of the first to move into the new temporary student complex at the site of the barracks in Ede on 15 August.
Wageningen UR's temporary accommodation for international students at the site of the former army barracks is ready for use. This week saw the arrival of the first students in their new rooms. The barracks buildings are close to Ede-Wageningen station, at the site of the former Maurits army barracks. The abandoned site with its numerous empty buildings in a park-like setting is peaceful. The rooms are simple, the kitchens, bathrooms and toilets are brand new. There are enough rooms to rent here for a hundred international students.
Albert Heijn
The other temporary accommodation location for this group, the more than forty units above the Albert Heijn supermarket at Stadsbrink, is also nearly finished. In addition, the first 51 units on Haarweg road are due to be delivered mid September. The remaining 102 temporary rooms at this site will follow later in the autumn.
The university has also concluded an agreement with Hof van Wageningen to rent the Brink Residence for the next five years. A total of 186 international students will be moving into 120 separate rooms in the Brink Residence this autumn. Furthermore, international students will be able to make use of the Landal holiday park in Hoenderloo over the next few months during the peak period. There are still negotiations underway to acquire another 150 extra rooms, says University spokesman Simon Vink. 'Then we hope we'll have enough rooms to house all the international students', he says.
Private sector
There is also an acute shortage of housing for Dutch students. The student accommodation provider Idealis currently has 1,449 Dutch students on its waiting list. That may be forty less than last year but Idealis does not expect all the students who have applied to have a room by 1 May next year. It did manage that deadline last year.
So many students will have to commute for the time being. Various private providers, including Hoogstede, will be making a total of 120 additional rooms available for the Dutch student market in Wageningen, says Vink. Students are now looking for rooms in a wide radius around Wageningen, including such towns as Veenendaal and Lunteren.