Student - March 29, 2016

First student championship for football game FIFA

Rob Ramaker

For the first time a Dutch student championship is organized for the football game FIFA16. On Wednesday evening 13 April enthusiastic gamers can take on the challenge in Tilburg.

Photo: Library Kortrijk

The championship was a joke that got out of hand by FOSST, the Tilburg counterpart of the sport organisation Thymos, the board member Benoît Hendriks says to the university magazine Univers. Yet, the championship is taken seriously. The sports hall will be arranged in sixteen ‘fields’ – tables in exam set up with TV and game console. Along the main field, spectators can take place on benches.

In the meantime the sport organisation in Tilburg is considering the admission of a student sports organization for e-sports, or competitive gaming. They are not the first. Last January Dorans from Nijmegen were the first recognized e-sport club. The club mainly focuses on the League of Legends, but the organization is already considering to offer other games, such as FIFA. Sports organisation Thymos has not received any requests admission of an e-sports club, the chair Romy Willemsen shares.

Prior to the NSK in Tilburg there were many disagreements on the choice of game console. The PlayStation 4 eventually received the majority of the votes. Also want to participate on 13 April? You can sign up here (Note: event is in Dutch).