Nieuws - 2 december 2004

First impressions: ‘I have to learn Dutch’

Gaspar Angihan from the Philippines, MSc International Development Studies

After waiting months for his visa, Gaspar is glad to set foot in the Netherlands. “My first choice was actually to study in Canada. But as Wageningen was very fast in responding to my application, I did not wait for confirmations from other universities.” Gaspar is keen to integrate with the Dutch: “Only mixing with other international students is not for me. I must learn Dutch, that’s only logical when you come here to study. I will get more satisfaction this way.” Gaspar has a room in the student flat De Bornsesteeg, on an international corridor with no Dutch students. “I’m not so happy about that. I’m going to ask the university for another room on a Dutch corridor, so I can speak Dutch every day.”