Student - September 9, 2016

First evening lectures

Albert Sikkema

The day finally came last Monday: evening classes in Wageningen. At 18.15, courses on Accounting & Health, Welfare & Management started in the Leeuwenborch and the course Advanced Statistics in the Forum.

There were hardly any grumbles from the students present. One student said he had just had a snack and would only have dinner after 8 o’clock, but that was no problem for him. Three others agreed they had no objection to evening classes. One student was annoyed, though. She would have preferred to go out for dinner with her year group. The pilot with evening classes runs until January and will involve about 2000 students. A bureau commissioned by the executive board will conduct a survey of their experiences. The Student Alliance Wageningen has opened a ‘reporting point’ for collecting student experiences and views.