Nieuws - 8 september 2005

First diplomas

The first two of almost ninety Chinese students that came to Wageningen two years ago to complete their bachelor’s degree will graduate this month. They did the first year of their degree at the Chinese Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing. Both students, Dai Yue and Zhao Jingjing, are part of a group of six who arrived at the end of September 2003. They have managed to catch up with the month delay they experienced at the start of their time in Wageningen by making adjustments to their study programme. The rest of the CAU students only started at the end of October 2003 in Wageningen. Some of this group is also expected to finish within the planned two years. Many Chinese students encountered setbacks, partly due to the Sars outbreak in China. The examiners’ committee still has to formally approve the results next week, after which the two Chinese students are expected to receive their diplomas in October. Both students have already started on their master’s degrees, also in Wageningen. / JH