Student - 10 mei 2016

First Campus Charity Run

Roelof Kleis

In three weeks, on Wednesday 25 May, the first Campus Charity Run will take place on campus. The money raised during the 5km run is donated to the Anne van den Ban Foundation.

The phenomenon campus run has existed for a while. Each year in March the athletics club Tartlétos organises this run as selection race for the Batavierenrace. This makes it an in-house run for students. The Campus Charity Run has a different nature and is open for everyone, says chairman Rik Hoevers of the Veluweloop foundation. The race is organized by the Veluweloop, student athletics club Tartlétos and the University Fund Wageningen.

The idea for the race was brought up by University Fund Wageningen. In an attempt to raise more money the idea to organise a relay race was made a year ago. ‘A sportive event for a good cause’, the spokesman Arianne van Ballegooij envisioned. This was not organized, instead the idea of the Campus Charity Run was born, the race is planned on Wednesday 25 May at 20.00.

The start and finish are at Orion. Changing and showering can be done at the Sports Center The Bongerd. Starting at the athletics track is not possible. The bus lane obstructs the route and may not be crossed. The organization has therefore chosen for a route of a kilometre on the northern side of the bus lane. The route waves across the middle of the campus past the buildings of Forum, Orion and Atlas.

With every lap the group needs to pass the bridge between Orion and Forum. Construction work is currently taking place to widen the bridge. The bridge will be specially opened for the race, Van Ballegooij shares. There are some teething problems. ‘We wanted to be able to offer a certified track, but that is not possible this year. As long as it is a nice event. Maybe not that big in the beginning phase, but this will grow in the years to come.’

The university foundation and the Veluweloop have worked together before. Participating teams of the Veluweloop can always donate their contribution for the runners vest to a good cause. This has been the Anne van den Ban Foundation the past couple of years, which gives scholarships to students from poor countries. Participation costs 12.50 euro. Students and childreren pay 7.50 euro. The majority of the money will go to the good cause, according to Hoevers.