Nieuws - 6 januari 2010

Firedamage in hemp-shed

Fire broke out in a shed belonging to Wageningen UR on the Haarweg road in Wageningen early in the morning of 1 January.

The fire brigade was soon on the scene enabling it to restrict the fire to a compartment where industrial hemp from an old research project was being stored. However, there was still water and smoke damage to the furniture stored in the adjacent compartments. They contained office furniture and glassware belonging to the Plant Sciences Group and Social Sciences Group. The damage still needs to be assessed but spokesman Simon Vink thinks cleaning or replacing the damaged furniture will cost tens of thousands of euros. The shed itself was on the demolition list and may now be demolished ahead of schedule. The fire service is still investigating what caused the fire. Gas and electricity had already been disconnected in the shed so it may have been arson.