News - October 9, 2008

Fired by e-mail

‘As your employment at Wageningen UR is now terminated, your account will be removed from the various WUR systems.’ This was the e-mail two Ph.D. students received last week, puzzling as they had just started two weeks earlier.

The two Ph.D. students, who prefer not to have their names published, received a second alarming e-mail shortly after. It said that in view of the termination of their position, all related default rights on their WUR account were suspended.
The supervisor fortunately was quickly able to determine that it was all a mistake. The two Ph.D. students had temporarily been registered as guest researchers upon their arrival, awaiting sofi numbers and work permits. After the paper work was taken care of, the Human Resource Management department neglected to enter their new roles as Ph.D. students into the system. The automated mails regarding cancellation of the accounts were sent to the students when their term as guest researchers ended.
The error was solved within 24 hours. And the Ph.D. students are able to laugh about it now.