Nieuws - 4 november 2004

Fire practice

Noisy activities such as drilling are forbidden in SSHW student accommodation during exams week so that students can study and revise undisturbed. On Wednesday last week, however, the peace was shattered in the Marijkeweg, when a fire practice was held.

One of the residents where the practice took place was angry: ‘My girlfriend totally lost her concentration, and she was already pretty stressed out about the subject she had an exam for,’ told Bart Jan Davidse. The day after the practice SSHW admitted that they had not considered the fact that it was an exam week when planning the activity. ‘Nobody from Stichting Flat Overleg (the residents’ association) let us know either, but next time we will take this into account,’ said Tiffany Fuller from SSHW. The practice was important for the fire brigade. During the practice it emerged that the commanding officer did not know where the container was with the keys for all the corridors. Fire chief Jan Pieter Zijp: ‘We did the exercise to work out what needs to be improved, and so that our people know what a student complex is like. The buildings are in good order and we are not worried that things would get out of hand.’ Similar practices are planned for Dijkgraaf and Droevendaal. One thing that was discovered was that the batteries in the smoke alarms were dead, even though they can be obtained for free from the caretaker. / YdH