Nieuws - 27 maart 2008

Fire in Bornsesteeg room

The Bornsesteeg student flat was partially evacuated on Saturday afternoon 22 March because of a fire.

A resident smelled burning and called the fire brigade. The fire caused a lot of smoke but did not spread further than the room on corridor 3A, which is occupied by an international student. The smoke and soot meant that the residents on that corridor had to live elsewhere for a couple of days. By Tuesday afternoon most of the cleaning up had been done and residents started returning to their rooms.

The fire was probably caused by a television on standby. The fire brigade also warns that leaving TVs on standby can increase the risk of fire and advises people to turn their sets off completely when they have finished watching. This also saves electricity.

Nobody was hurt in the fire, but the room where it started was burnt out and completely blackened. The student was relieved to learn that his identity papers had survived.