Nieuws - 12 november 2010

Film tips for green students

The 23rd International Documentary Film Festival will open on Saturday. Some 280 documentaries from all over the world will be shown in Amsterdam from then till 20 November. Which are must-sees for a 'Wageninger'?

Cooking by El Bullí
1. El Bulli - Cooking in progress

A three course menu is not enough for the Spanish Michelin star restaurant El Bulli. For six months each year, experts are occupied with designing a new thirty course menu. Cooking with liquid nitrogen or a dish with ice cubes aren't new anymore if you've been to the Food4You Festival. So what's new?
2. There Once Was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho
The inhabitants of Nukutoa, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, are getting wet feet. Without protection by dikes and dunes, the island with its ancient culture faces imminent danger of disappearing underwater. This film paints a portrait of island inhabitants and their battle against the water. Recommended for water managers and climate change fanatics.
3. Divine Pig
Dorus is the butcher's pig and leads a cushy life. He is pampered by children in the neighbourhood and let out like a dog. But how long will this last? His boss wants to sell him in the shop, something not everyone is pleased with. Will Dorus survive? The conscientious film for a date with nutrition buffs and livestock farmers.
4. Memoirs of a Plague
Hardcore entomologists know that small creatures can have big repercussions. This documentary about the Australian locust plague last autumn brings together ecology, fate, civilization and science. Who is getting rid of whom? And who will win?
5. Blood in the Mobile
Just bought a new iPhone? You'll be looking at it with different eyes after watching this film. In Congo, minerals for mobile phones are extracted under poor conditions. Who stands to gain? We'll let the secret out anyway: not the children.
6. Under the Green Sun
This documentary shows how anti-consumerists dig inside rubbish bins in search of something still edible, and how they grow their own vegetables. They condemn overconsumption and move purposely towards moderation. Why is this movement gaining ground? Note: It isn't compulsory to stick your own nose into rubbish bins after watching this film.
7. Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?
Crazy about honey? You shouldn't miss this film then. Before it's too late. Bee colonies are dying out all over the world. Since they are the 'barometers of the earth', we should give this some thought. Why are the bees dying out? Do we have time to do something about this?
8.  All We Ever Wanted
You are what you do. At least, that is what happens to the youths in this film. You have to get all that you can out of life. But things don't always work out right. The hurdle is high and stress hangs over our heads. This Dutch film shows the struggles in young people when they are confronted with the fact that they are not perfect. Is there anyone who can eat pepernoten cookies, study and watch a film all at once?
Selected best films from the festival are also shown from November onwards in other cities, including Ede and Arnhem. The complete festival programme can be found on