News - May 24, 2007

Filipinos win global village market competition

Last Saturday 19 May saw the eighth Global Village Day in the market place in the centre of Wageningen. The Philippines stole the prize for the best stand from four-time winners Indonesia.

The Global Village Day prize winners: students from the Philippines.
Global Village Day is organised by the International Student Panel (ISP) and is an opportunity for international students to present customs, dance, costume and food of their country. At the end of the day a prize is awarded for the best performance and most attractive stand. Seventeen different countries were represented and the theme this year was ‘Diversity is our strength, unity is our goal’.

Students spend weeks preparing for the day. ‘This is the biggest event that is organised for international students each year, that is why so many people participate. Food is an important part of every culture; a lot of our social life revolves around eating. It is fun to prepare our own kind of food for others, and to taste something new in return,’ says Tini Gumartini of the ISP. The ISP sees the day as a way to improve integration between international and Dutch students, and also with the local population.

The Filipino prize winners performed a spectacular dance with colourful costumes and tiniklin, long bamboo poles that they used to make rhythmic sounds. ‘A group of fifteen of us practised every evening for two weeks. At one point the room in the Bornsesteeg wasn’t big enough, so we had to find somewhere else. We went to the Forum building and practised our dance outside there. The security man kept watching us through the window,’ tells Florene Slotboom enthusiastically.

The Filipino’s stand displayed an array of woven baskets, clay pots, sweet potatoes with a sweet sauce and large decorated plates from their home country.

‘We decided to actively interpret the theme Diversity and Unity. We displayed handicrafts on one side and photos of beautiful places in our country on the other side. We made some of the handicrafts ourselves from papier maché, with inspiration from our artistic director, and we made different Filipino snacks. Our cooking has Spanish, Mexican, Chinese and American influences,’ explains Lally Dulnuan. ‘Our biggest rivals were the Indonesians. They have won the last four times. We participated last year for the first time and we thought to ourselves: we can do this too.’

Did you miss the Global Village Day? On Saturday 26 May the Filipino students are holding a cultural evening in the International Club.