News - December 22, 2010

Fifteen Wageningen BSc programmes get top marks

For the sixth year running, the Dutch Bachelor’s degree guide has put Wageningen at the top of Dutch universities. A full fifteen of Wageningen’s programmes outstrip comparable programmes at other Dutch universities.

Wageningen university scores 69 out of 100 possible points, closely followed by Maastricht with 66 points. At the bottom of the list comes the VU University in Amsterdam, with 55 points. The guide, called De Keuzegids, examines each degree programme taking into account the contact hours, group sizes and student evaluations of the contents, teachers and facilities. About Wageningen the authors write: 'The secret here is in the small scale, the lively interaction with teachers and the good timetabling that makes many options possible.' Last year  too, the guide noted that small scale and high quality go hand in hand.

The highest scoring programme was Agrotechnology, 'without doubt the best programme' in the science category, according to the guide. Plant Sciences did very well too, as did the Wageningen Biology programme. 'Actually, you can study biology almost anywhere, no problem. But the Wageningen programmes can be highly recommended, especially Plant Sciences', advises the guide.
As for the Earth Sciences in Wageningen (Soil, Water and Air, Forest and Nature, and International Land and Water Management), the guide has this to say: 'All of them outstandingly good programmes. Without exception, the students are enthusiastic about all aspects of their programme.' Particularly striking were the positive evaluations of the quality of the classrooms and the digital facilities, the good preparation for professional practice and the accessibility of the teachers. The students also get adequate supervision and plenty of teaching, say the authors.

These 15 Wageningen BSc programmes are at the top of their category in the 2011 Bachelor's degree guide:
90 points: Agrotechnology
90 points: Plant Sciences
88 points: Molecular Life Sciences
84 points: Soil, Water and Air
82 points: Biotechnology
80 points: Forest and Nature
80 points: Animal Sciences
78 points: Biology
78 points: International Land and Water Management
78 points: Food Technology
78 points: Environmental Science
78 points: Nutrition and Health
72 points: Health and Society
70 points: Business and Consumer Sciences
66 points: Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning