Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Field robot competition planned

Field robot competition planned

The Farm Technology Group is organising a Field Robot Event, which will be
held on 5 and 6 June. A maize field on the IMAG grounds will be used to
hold a competition for various categories of field robots made by students
and researchers.

It started last year with a group of students who converted a radio
controlled toy car into a field robot. They did this to illustrate a paper
that they contributed to a European congress for agricultural engineers in
Budapest. During their presentation on the use of microrobots in
agriculture the students sent their home-made remote control vehicle that
was equipped with a camera in among the legs of the congress participants.
Their vision for the future of agriculture won them the first prize.

Inspired by this success, and a congress on precision agriculture that will
be held in Berlin this June, the Farm Technology Group decided to organise
a competition for field robots. Students, researchers and high school
students are invited to enter robots they have designed and built

There are three categories: eye-contact controlled, screen controlled and
autonomously operating. The robots will have to negotiate rows of maize,
avoid obstacles and go up and down slopes. The winner will be chosen by a
jury of manufacturers and university staff.

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Yvonne de Hilster