Nieuws - 11 augustus 2011

Fewer students active in committees

Student societies will have more difficulty getting office bearers, predict student associations LSVb and LKvV in the Spits daily newspaper yesterday.

According to Pascal ten Have, chairman of LSVb - the Dutch National Union of Students - almost every student society is already finding it difficult to get enough office bearers at this moment. This is especially so among technical students, who usually take longer to graduate. From the next academic year onwards, students who take longer than usual in their studies will have to pay a fine of 3000 euros. In addition, state secretary Zijlstra intends to implement a social loan system for MSc students a year later to replace the basic MSc study grant. Putting studies on hold for a year to head a student society would become an expensive affair for many students, say LSVb and LKvV.
The burden of finding office bearers appears to be manageable still for the bigger societies in Wageningen: all their committees have been filled to capacity. How the smaller societies and committees will fare is yet to be seen.
The entire Spits article (in Dutch) can be found here.