Nieuws - 8 december 2005

Fewer foreign students

Once again the number of new international students that have registered at Wageningen University has dropped. This year 321 students registered for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, almost 20 fewer than last year.

Until last year, foreign registrations had shown an upward trend each year. It seems that the tide has now turned. The 281 new MSc students from abroad still outnumber the number of new Dutch MSc students (193). There has been a slight rise in the number of international students starting a BSc degree. This group consists mainly of students from the Chinese Agricultural University, who join the second year of the Wageningen bachelor’s programme and complete their BSc degree in Wageningen.

At present 21 percent of all students in Wageningen come from abroad. The Chinese students form the biggest group, six percent of the total. There are also relatively large numbers of Greeks, Ethiopians and Indonesians studying in Wageningen. / JH