Nieuws - 16 september 2004

False start for first meeting

Despite the good intentions, the first inter-council meeting (GV) between the student council and the executive board proved tough going for the international students.

Jasmine Osorio, who is from the US and represents PSF on the student council, explains: ‘The meeting itself went fine, but for the non-Dutch speakers it was difficult to follow. We ended up listening to what we could have been reading.’ Her Chinese colleague Sarah Tang Yun from VeSte adds: ‘We do not have the background the others have. We need to learn about the context, but we have no English documents. They do not have the money for translation. It is all very slow here, but we hope the documents will be in English next time.’ In the meantime the student council has sent a letter to the executive board requesting that all official documents be in English from now on.

According to Marcel Govaert, who has been on the student council since January, there is a positive side to it all: ‘Most of the discussions have become a lot shorter.’ / JH