Nieuws - 6 november 2008


The Board of Directors has announced that Wageningen University will be receiving four million extra for educational purposes in 2010. These extra funds are due to the growing student numbers which in turn increases the university’s share of education tax revenue. The education budget for this university has now increased from 30 to 34 million euros.

Director Pim Brascamp of the educational institute (OWI) finds the board’s enlargement of the education very fair. With the swelling number of students, the teaching staff’s educational duties increase as well. The university has only just received extra funding after two years. These costs come from the benefits of the education found here and now you can pay for these extra benefits.

In estimating the budget for 2009, the Board of Directors did not allow for any extra funding for education. ‘This academic year we will probably break even’ said Brascamp. The last academic year educational costs were somewhat less than the thirty million forecast.

Because the university uses a funding model from the government that is based on students and graduation rates, this means the growth of students leads to more income. ‘We do not know for certain that the entire amount will come in in 2010’, says Brascamp’, ’because we do not yet know what the overall financial situation will be in 2009. Therefore, I am very pleased that the board has meanwhile earmarked more funds for education in the 2010 budget.’