Nieuws - 27 januari 2011

Experimental farms for sale

Astrid Smit

Wageningen UR wants to get rid of its unprofitable experimental farms. However, there will be no compulsory redundancies.

Wageningen UR will be turning the experimental livestock farms in Raalte, Heino, Zegveld and Cranendonck into standard farms. They will eventually be sold off, as will Waiboerhoeve in Lelystad, unless external financers turn up who are interested in having a farm for projects.
The Executive Board took this decision at the end of December. Applied research in livestock farming will be concentrated in Leeuwarden (dairy farming) en Sterksel (pig farming). Wageningen UR is still working on a plan to transfer Spelderholt (poultry) to the animal feed company Schothorst, which would keep applied poultry research in Lelystad.
No compulsory redundancies
The Animal Sciences Group works council is still set against concentrating dairy research in Leeuwarden, but it will not be taking legal action to fight the Executive Board's decision.
The measure will mean a reorganization for the twenty plus people working on the experimental farms. Some of them will keep their job working in applied research in Leeuwarden and Sterksel, while others will be transferred temporarily to run the farms due to be sold. Other work will be sought for those for whom there is no work on the experimental farms. Compulsory redundancies are out of the question.