Nieuws - 29 november 2012

Experimental and educational garden on campus

An 'edible' garden can serve as a place of education and experimental plot for students.

University of Massachusetts edible garden.
And that will be what happens to the space between the Forum, Atlas and Orion if some students get their way. Their initiative seems to be popular.
There are plenty of examples in other countries. The initiators Blair van Pelt and Jeroen Postma are particularly impressed by a project in Massachusetts, in which grass verges made way for ecological gardens and landscaping. They felt this ought to be possible in Wageningen as well.
The two Master's students christened their project Eat Me, an acronym from 'edible academic garden and environmental education' in Dutch. They say that the campus is an ideal location for studying different food systems and showing how ecological designs develop in practice.
The project has already generated quite some enthusiasm. Two information evenings attracted several hundred interested people. That led to the creation of four working groups who are looking at different aspects of the garden project. There is also interest from scientists. Farming Systems Ecology professor Pablo Tittonell has said that his chair is prepared to adopt the project. Two interns from that science group are now working on the Eat Me project. Blair van Pelt and Jeroen Postma have set up a Facebook group to keep people informed about their project.