Nieuws - 14 september 2010

Expensive coffee


Commotion at the Leeuwenborch concerning coffee prices. Resource has received two angry letters.

At the coffee counter in the canteen is a note in the morning which says: From 1 September, only coffee deluxe will be served. Prices will therefore go up from 6 September.
All prices have risen by 70%, including that of tea. For example, capuccino was € 0.65, will cost € 1,00. A 'normal' cup of coffee will cost € 0,85.
I am not pleased about this, to use a euphemism. But I'm not the only one. Has the time come to drink coffee and tea only from vending machines? But that's not so tasty. Or can things still be reversed...
HELP!!!/Ingrid Lefeber
To my indignation, I discovered at the Leeuwenborch yesterday that the Albron coffee prices have more than doubled. It used to cost 40 cents but 85 (!) cents are now needed for a good old cup of coffee. Throughout the day, I found out that I am far from being the only one who resents this./A.G.