Nieuws - 15 april 2013

Expedition W750 explores mobile theatre

Musical show will be performed partly on campus.
Students are taking part in the production.

If you like the theatre but don't like sitting still, then Expedition W750 might be the thing for you. This musical to celebrate Wageningen's anniversary, with performances in May and June, will literally transport its audience all around the town. The eight scenes take place in different locations that typify Wageningen. Two of the musical's eight locations are on campus, namely the Forum and the Unipharm greenhouses behind Radix. The Hoevestein student flats and student society Ceres are two of the other locations. The remaining locations are the football cage behind Pomona, the church in the market square, the Walle path along the dyke and the fire escape on the Agruniek/Rijnvallei silo.
Expedition W750 is a kind of total theatre in which 18 Wageningen dance groups, choirs, theatrical and music societies are taking part; they include student orchestra De Ontzetting and student theatrical society Pierrot et Colombine.
Each scene lasts 12 minutes. The audience is bussed to seven of the eight scenes (every evening, a different group takes a break) in yellow US school buses. In all, more than 400 amateur performers from Wageningen are involved in the project. The professional management of the project is in the hands of Muziektheater De Plaats from Arnhem. There will be eight performances in the period from Wednesday 29 May to Saturday 8 June for a maximum of 2500 spectators.