Organisation - November 13, 2014

Expat center

Nicolette Meerstadt

Foreign expats no longer have to travel to arrange their residency documents. As of this month, they can do this at the Expat Center Food Valley on campus.

The centre helps foreign workers with their residency permits and other paperwork when they arrive. A notable feature is that the centre is for all Food Valley workers, not just new staff at Wageningen UR. The centre is a collaborative venture between the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the municipality of Wageningen and the Expat Center Food Valley Foundation. It was opened by Annemieke Traag, a member of the Provincial Executive for Gelderland

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  • JH

    Ah, deze mevrouw:

    Hoop dat ze hier toch wel weer even flink voor heeft mogen declareren op kosten van de belastingbetaler.

    • zeur

      waarom ben ik niet verbaasd dat jij geenstijl kijkt JH