News - September 13, 2012

Expat Centre

The campus is to be home to an expat centre that will provide services on a commercial basis to foreign guests and workers in the region.

It will advise on a range of practical issues such as housing, residence permits, visas, insurance and dealing with the municipal council. 'Everything, really, that has to be arranged when you come here from abroad to work for a while', explains Derk Rademaker (executive secretary at the PSG). The core of the bureau will be made up of existing experts in this area at Wageningen UR. 'We already have a few of these experts whose fulltime job it is to sort these things out for our foreign workers. The idea is that they will be joined by a couple of people who will do the same for people from the region.' The centre will be housed in Actio and is due to go into business in the new year.