Nieuws - 10 mei 2010

Executive Board may move to Campus

Project group is studying option of board office moving to Atlas building on campus. Adapting the current accommodation on the Costerweg road would be expensive.

Today, a project group has started a study of alternative means of housing the board office. Changes are needed to the building on the Costerweg road before the building use permit can be renewed. Also, the roof needs work done on it. The expensive changes are the reason for this investigation to see whether the board office should move from its current location after twenty years.
One option is to house the board office's approximately 160 employees in Atlas, a building belonging to the Environmental Sciences Group (ESG). At present, ESG is spread over three buildings, Lumen, Gaia and Atlas. The occupancy rate is never more than seventy per cent even at the busiest time of the week.
So there is room at ESG, says spokesman Simon Vink.
He resolutely dismisses rumours that the board office is unwilling or unable to leave the Costerweg premises. Vink says the important thing is to take a rational, business-like approach to the use of the available space.
The study will analyze the costs and benefits of relocation, says Auke de Bruin, a member of the project group. It would save on costs if ESG staff were to be positioned closer together, and there is also the possibility of creating optimum workstations for ESG researchers.
The structural engineering consultancy firm ABT is carrying out the study together with Facilities and Services. The project group will be making its recommendations to the Executive Board in mid June.