News - June 29, 2011

Everything will be fine in the end

Last week I announced: Derek is back from Prague! Yes I'm back, but I still need some time to retrieve my luck: last Thursday I got a flat tire of my bike.

Let you know my story in one minute.
That morning I took my bike to an old bike doctor at the Van Uvenweg to fix it. He asked me to pick it up in the afternoon. For a person living in Wageningen, a bicycle is something like a talisman. Without my talisman I immediately suffered a passing shower and got drenched on the way to Leeuwenborch at noon. At the price of 6.5 Euros for repair and a soaked body, I thought everything was fixed from then on.
However, I was too optimistic. On Sunday evening the relapse of that flat tire pissed me off again! 'I can fix it better than that old guy,' and I decided to do it on my own. Everything went perfectly at first; pulling out the valve and deflating the tube, I acted like a professional repair man. Then...I knocked at the door of Sanne, my corridor mate...because I didn't how to use the tire levers, which I even thought were plastic hair clips. Sanne really was my savior; she pried the tire bead over the rim and hooked the tire lever on the spoke proficiently. In no second the other two levers were also hung on the wheel and afterwards she removed the tube from the tire effortlessly... I was gaping at her and blurted out: 'petje af ("hats off" in Dutch)!'
After that she left me alone with the remaining work. Honestly, the following job was quite easy: reinflating the tube, submerging it in a bucket of water, finding the leak and then patching it with the adhesive. When it seemed I was finishing it on my own, just one minute later, however, I knocked at Sanne's door again. 'Sanne, I can't tuck the tire back in the rim.' I had to admit at that moment I was like a kid of kindergarten who was too young to be independent.        In stark contrast to my sweating to no avail, she handled it painlessly. If only you were not laughing at me but giving Sanne some applause.
Was it the end of story? Not yet! One hour later the tire went flat again....'Again?! God, are you kidding me?' There was another hole in it, which almost drove me crazy. Fortunately, 'practice makes perfect', this time I only spent 30 minutes, which was much less than the former one. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that everything is going well with the bike after my painstaking work.
The lesson I learned from these two holes of my bike: everything will be fine in the end, if it's not fine, it's not the end.
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