Nieuws - 26 augustus 2009

Everyone's jealous of students

Are you a first year, embarking on the 'best days of your life'? Older people are green with envy.

So you’re a student at last. You’ve chosen a great course, survived the introduction week and here you are, slumped in your new room with a bottle of… vitamins pressed on you at home. You are starting on the most formative period of your life. You’ll fall in love, be disappointed, fall in love again... You’ll meet interesting people and philosophize all night about the meaning of life, of studying and of our society. Friends for life, you’ll think as you cycle home in a stupor. Many will let you down but some you’ll still be seeing when you are old and grey.
And you’ll meet old people here too: alumni who still hang out at their old pub, and alumni who teach you. However they react, just remember: they’re jealous. Green with envy of the life you’re about to begin!