Student - 12 mei 2015

Evening lectures at other universities exception

Linda van der Nat

The Executive Board is considering to schedule evening lectures. What about other university towns? Are lectures in the evening hours there rife or exception? Resource made a tour.

All universities have the possibility to schedule lectures after 18.00, but the regular schedule generally runs until 17.45 or 18.00, at Utrecht University until 19.00. The number of evening lectures is often minimized because for both students and teachers it is considered a burden. Overall, particularly part-time and Honours students are still working in the evenings because they already have daytime obligations.

Often evening lectures are scheduled when, during the day there is a lack of classrooms or because the teacher is only available in the evenings. In Groningen, for example, there are for the minor classes of Spanish as many as seven groups and only two teachers. Because the time cleared for minors during the day is limited, lectures go on until 21.00.

Lunch break

In Nijmegen, students chose for evening lectures themselves. Radboud University also struggled with the limited availability of classrooms. Students were then given the choice to use the lunch time for lectures or to go to class  in the evening. The students then expressed a preference to use the early evening between 17:45 and 18:30 instead of the lunch break. It is committed to minimize this use as much as possible.

In Maastricht students have a large influence on determining their timetable. The School of Business and Economics is the only faculty who has lectures after 18.00. Students may choose whether they want to use these lecture times. Their preference is taken into account when making the schedule. The general policy in Maastricht is that faculties at their discretion may schedule classes in the evenings, but when doing so should take into account the availability of the student.

Task force

The smaller universities such as TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, also do not plan, out of principle, evening lectures. Lectures in Delft usually go on until 17:45 and only exceptionally an evening lecture is scheduled. The Honours program does have regular evening lectures or activities. In Eindhoven, a small number of lectures (approximately 10) is since last academic year, given in the evening. This was one of the four proposals of the task force ‘Accommodating Growth’ to ensure that the growth in the number of freshmen is well captured.

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