Nieuws - 11 oktober 2011

Even thirty nationalities is a record

The Ferris wheel in the square in front of the Junushoff theatre had 30 of its 144 seats taken by people of different nationalities. The wheel's international cycle will be reported to the Guinness Book of Records.

The record attempt was part of the Food4You festival for the general public. As Wageningen has no less than 161 nationalities, the organizers had counted on getting about half of that and were hoping for a full wheel. 'Thirty is a bit disappointing,' admits Yvonne van Wezik, who works for Organisatiebureau Wageningen. 'But it was miserable weather Friday evening so I can imagine people might prefer to stay indoors. I'm sure we would have had more people if it had been a warm evening.'

A solicitor counted the passports and will report the attempt to the world-famous records book. Van Wezik: 'It is a record; we checked to make sure this has never been done before. We have set a benchmark. Now let's see if someone else can improve on it!'