Organisatie - 2 september 2015

Even more delay for Helix

Rob Ramaker

The commissioning of Helix was postponed again; the air extraction system is still not ready. It is unsure when the chair groups at the Dreijen can start moving in.

The planned handing over of Helix has repeatedly been postponed. The past weeks it seemed that the first chair groups could move in from the 1st of October, but also this date will not be realized. ‘This is really unfortunate, and that is the very least I can say.’ Said Nanne Groot, construction coordinator at Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group (AFSG). He indicates that all the moving plans have been put on hold. Groot does not dare to make a promise about the new planning. ‘We first want to see that things are put straight.’

This is really unfortunate and that is the very least I can say
Nanne Groot

It is mainly the air extraction system that is causing problems. Helix contains a number of fume chambers that researchers using (dangerous) chemicals can work with. For their safety the air needs to be continuously extracted. In some places however, there is not enough air supply which slows the extraction. This needs to be fully resolved, says Groot, before we start using the building. Although he is disappointed by the constant delay Groot also does not want to be pessimistic. ‘We have a great building that is 95 percent ready.’

At the concerned chair groups their reactions are generally tolerant. ‘Tiresome’, said Hans van den Berg, employee research and education and coordinator of the move for the Toxicology department. ‘But the real problems will start if the move is delayed again because then we will be in the middle of a busy education period between February and May.’ The delays also makes it more difficult to make arrangements with the specialized moving companies.

The current uncertainty is not pleasant for the young researcher. Especially those working on long term research projects
Wim Roelofsen

The delay also only has minor consequences for Microbiology, says Wim Roelofsen, employee support and management and coordinator of the move for the Microbiology department. The move that was cancelled halfway through August did have a lot of impact. ‘People were already packing and some had closed or delayed their experiments’, said Roelofsen. ‘The current uncertainty is not pleasant for the young researcher. Especially those working on long term research projects.’

This Thursday there will be an information meeting during lunch in the Biotechnion for the employees that work at the Dreijen. For the time being the canteen in the Chemistry building has been reopened. Today and tomorrow there will be free coffee and muffins provided for the employees.

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