Nieuws - 19 september 2012

Evacuation exercise in Forum 'passed'

A fire evacuation practice took place yesterday morning in the Forum. First-aid workers of the building succeeded in getting 2700 people 'to safety' in a little more than 14 minutes.

A smoke machine in the sensory lab, windows and doors opened towards the Atrium and a victim. Those were the ingredients of the evacuation exercise yesterday morning in the Forum. The exercise went very well, says Ludy Zeeuwen, Forum site manager.  Everyone was outside within the legally required time of 15 minutes. 'Even two technical workers who were doing maintenance work on the sunshades got out of their gondola lift,' adds Zeeuwen. 'However, getting people to move further away from the building wasn't easy. They remained as close as they could.' The first-aid workers had to make an effort to get people to keep their distance.
Lectures have been affected only slightly in the process. According to Zeeuwen, the third lecture hour started just a few minutes late.