News - January 22, 2004

Euro League offers students opportunities abroad

The Euro League for Life Sciences (ELLS), a network of five European universities, is starting to bear fruit. Students at Wageningen University can take summer courses in other countries, and grants are available to study in Hohenheim in Germany.

The first Euroleague summer course will take place in Denmark this year. This kicks off a series of five courses on the influence of humans on the environment. There are five places available for Wageningen students. The Euroleague was set up in 2001, and is a joint venture of the universities of Wageningen and Hohenheim and three other universities in Denmark, Sweden and Austria. The participating universities will take turns to organize a summer course. The University of Hohenheim has also created a number of grants for Wageningen students to spend one or two semesters studying there.

Daniel Polders and Rudy Jonker of the student council are responsible for promoting the Euroleague in Wageningen, and are pleased that the network has become more than a paper tiger. According to the two, an inter-university Master’s degree on food chains will start in 2005. “The programme will be given in one location, but with intensive collaboration by all five participating universities,” explains Jonker.

The students claim that one of the biggest advantages of the network is that special subjects that would otherwise disappear can be maintained, such as horticulture. The Euroleague has also set its sights on the American education market, and talks have already started with Cornell University, adds Polders.

Registration for the summer course in Denmark needs to be done before 29 January:

Guido van Hofwegen