Nieuws - 27 augustus 2009

Ernst van den Ende new Plant Sciences director

Executive Board Chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen announced Van den Ende's appointment this morning.

Ernst van den Ende is the new director of the Plant Sciences Group (PSG). Executive Board Chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen announced the appointment this morning.
Van den Ende is now manager of the Trees & bulbs business unit under Applied plant research (PPO). He succeeds Professor Raoul Bino, who said his farewells as director of PSG yesterday.
 Van den Ende was on a short list of fifteen candidates, but was not initially tipped to become director. But when no suitable candidate could be found, the appointment committee led by ASG director Martin Scholten invited Van den Ende for a second round.
 Dijkuizen announced Van den Ende’s appointment to enthusiastic applause from PSG staff. Dijkhuizen has confidence in the new manager. ‘Right now it’s important that PSG gets a high profile on the market. Ernst is good at that.’
 Van den Ende has been involved in plant research in Wageningen for 27 years. He studied in Wageningen himself and got his PhD in the Phytopathology chair group. He worked for IPO (PPO’s predecessor) for a few years and then for PPO in various jobs. A true plant man who did a lot of that work out in the field, not in Wageningen.
He hopes to get to know all the PSG staff personally, Van den Ende said during his welcome speech.