Nieuws - 18 november 2009

Ernst + paintbrush

Ernst Bos, economist, LEI, The Hague: 'Sharing the beauty you see with others'

The painter economist: that's Ernst Bos. He sees similarities between his profession and his passion. 'An economic model is a metaphor for reality. It's all about what you leave out. It's the same with painting.' As a child he was crazy about the work of Rien Poortvliet, who was inspired by nature. 'You see a landscape and you fall in love with it. And then you want to share that beauty, communicate it to others.' But Bos paints abstract works too. Always oil paintings. 'Oil paint is pleasing, and easy to work with. What you see is what you get. Beautiful, deep,warm colours.' To see Ernst Bos's work:, search term Bos.