Nieuws - 28 juni 2001

Eric Ariel Salas, MSc Geo-Information Science

Eric Ariel Salas, MSc Geo-Information Science

'Fieldwork in Spain takes you outside the borders of academia'

"After graduating in Civil Engineering in the Philippines the university offered me the chance to go to Wageningen for a course in Geo-Information Science. People think that Geo-Information Science is only about processing colourful maps. They often seem to forget the most difficult part, which is the prior analysis of the data. The Geodata Integration Project in Spain, which was held during the first three weeks of June, offered a great opportunity to learn about data analysis outside the borders of academia.

"The project focused on land use and its changes over time. I worked mainly on the visualisation of data and spent most of my time behind a computer. In the three weeks, we only visited the field twice to check out a few things. I did not envy those who were out all day. Although I often miss the sun in the Netherlands, it was not much fun in the heat, getting even more of a tan.

"We stayed in a monastery in Alora, a small town 30 kilometres northeast of Malaga. We took a siesta every day between 2 and 5 in the afternoon: I would either sleep or walk to the town to buy a drink or something. The last three days were terrible as we worked till 2 in the morning to get finished. When I got home I crashed out immediately .

I like to draw, paint and write beside the civil engineering. At the moment I unfortunately have little time for these hobbies as I spend most of the time studying. I like to paint people. In my last year of college I even made some money painting portraits. Over here, I've only made one portrait of a friend's girlfriend."

Yvonne de Hilster