Wetenschap - 12 september 2002

Erasmus students rejected because of housing shortage

Erasmus students rejected because of housing shortage

Because of the housing shortage in Wageningen the university is rejecting international students who apply for an Erasmus programme. Although numerous Dutch students are still waiting for a room, the international students who applied to join an MSc or Erasmus programme before July have all been accommodated.

The university is trying to create extra rooms so that more Erasmus students can be accepted."We are creating about 35 extra rooms in the old IPO (Research Institute for Plant Protection) Building," says Henk Vegter of Student Affairs. "We hope that these rooms will be available in October. The housing shortage is more of a problem for many Dutch students who started in Wageningen this year. About twenty students who are still 'homeless' are now living on a campsite.

Leonie Mossink