Nieuws - 10 maart 2011

Enterprising role model

Who? Cees Buisman, professor of Environmental Technology and director of Wetsus, institute for water technology
What? Winner of the Entrepreneur Prize 2011 of the Wageningen University Fund
Why? For his ‘personality', ‘enterprising spirit' and ‘role model function', according to the judges' report.

Who nominated you?
‘Several people in my Wageningen team. I am touched that my own people have nominated me for this important prize.'
In your opinion, why have you won?
‘I think it's because of Wetsus, which has grown from nothing into something, and for the way I got along with doctoral students in environmental technology who have started a small company. We let them take over the patents for the techniques they have developed at no cost. We do however ask for a success fee of one percent for the duration of the patent.'
What are you going to do with the prize money?
‘I'll take the people who nominated me out to a meal. I also want to support the Anne van de Ban funds, which grants scholarships to third world students who want to study in Wageningen.'